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Call for Paper

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  Call for Article Submission to the Scientific and Research Environmental Health Engineering and Management Quarterly Journal

Honorable Scholars, professors, researchers, students, and those interested in environmental health and environmental science:


Please be informed that the English scientific and research quarterly journal, Environmental Health Engineering and Management, associated with Environmental Health Engineering Research Center of Kerman University of Medical Sciences is being published; and the main acceptance criteria for submitted articles are as follows:


  Water pollution and treatment processes

  Water resources management

  Wastewater collection, treatment, reuse, and disposal

  Solid waste management (Municipal Solid Waste, radioactive and medical waste, hazardous waste, …)

  Air pollution and control

  Soil pollution and bioremediation

  Radiation protection

  Noise pollution and its control

  Food safety and hygiene

  Environmental Biotechnology and nanotechnology

  Renewable energy and alternative technology

  Environmental Economics

  Human ecology

  Ecological impact of pollutants

  Environmental health education

  Environmental Health and quality of life

  Health and Environmental risk assessment

  Environmental impact assessment (EIA)

  Health Impact Assessment (HIA)

  Health, safety, environment, and quality management system (HSEQ-MS)

  Integrated health management system

  Modeling in environmental health

  Environmental Standard

We invite honorable professors and researchers to send their valuable articles to be published in this journal in order to announce the results of scientific research and help to promote Environmental Health knowledge. Also, more comprehensive information is available at www.ehemj.com,to which you can send your articles.


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